Q1.Why to invest in Education and Training Industry?

Q2.What would be the future of the training industry in India?

Q3.How does your company convert this into a Business Opportunity?

Q4. What are the advantages of being your Franchise?

Q5. What are the Franchise Models available?

Q6.What is the difference between Master Franchise (MF) and Unit Franchise (UF) type?

Q7.Can you elaborate on the Master Franchise (MF) and UF revenue pattern?

Q8. How much does it cost to own a Franchise of your company?

Q9. Where can I get a detailed Franchise Proposal?

Q10. How many Franchisees will be appointed in my city/town?

Q11. Can I take up this opportunity on a Part time basis?

Q12. Do you provide trainers and faculty for the franchisees?

Q13. Do you provide any operating manuals for the franchises?

Q14. Do you sign any agreement with the franchisee? If so, what will be the duration of the contract?

Q15. How much is the Franchise licence fee?

Q16. Do you prefer Franchisees with own property?

Q17. What will be the Marketing and other promotional support from your end?

Q18. Do you provide courseware to the Franchisees?

Q19. Do you provide study material to the students?

Q20. What will be the Course Fee like?

Q21. Do you give certificates to the students after completion of a course?

Q22.Why should I take up your franchise?

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