CAD Courses – An Introduction
Source -Jon Peddie Research (JPR Report-2012)
  • CAD is ground breaking technology. It was the first practical manifestation of computer graphics and it helped spawn several productive lines of thinking, including virtual reality, virtual prototyping, and eventually product Lifecycle management. The sector most dependent on CAD technology is the engineering sector.
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM – (Computer Aided Manufacturing), CAE –(Computer Aided Engineering) software are generally used by engineers and architects. Manufacturing and industrial design are also heavily dependent on CAD software. However, apart from these fields the many uses of computer-aided design software include functions of industries such as Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Cartography, Fashion, Interior Design and Landscaping
  • The total number of CAD users in 2011 is 19 million and is growing rapidly.
*What is the Market Size?
  • The CAD market was worth approximately $7 billion in 2011, up from $6.4 billion in 2010 and $5 billion in 2009.
*What is the Growth Potential?
  • New opportunities opened up by cloud computing, apps and tablets give CAD companies an opening to “have it all”—high volume, low cost consumer apps, along with new ways to offer boutique services to valued subscription customers. Increasingly, CAD is becoming part of a visually connected world that can be understood and better managed. There are opportunities in new platforms, new technologies, and new customers in emerging economies. It’s a very good time for the industry.” (Source -Jon Peddie Research - JPR Report-2012)
  • The CAD market could well be over $10 billion by 2015.
  • CAD is growing faster in Asia and emerging markets than it is in Western markets.
A. Project Management Courses – An Introduction
(Source-The Hindu- 01/06/2012)
  • Gone are the days when work experience was enough for an employee to be accepted as a project manager. Instead, increasingly complex work environments and requirements have paved the way for professional project managers.
  • Projects are executed in every market sector. The profession of project management is the training and development of individuals to be able to execute a project with a defined set of criteria, objectives and outcomes, with a specific beginning and an end. It does not include the business operations .
*What is the Market Size?
  • The Project Management Training market size is estimated at INR. 100+ crores per annum. According to Mr Craig Killough, Vice-President (organization markets), PMI, “Globally, there is a talent gap in project management. So there are more jobs than there are people to fill them.
*What is the Growth Potential?
  • Globally, it is among the top five most rapidly growing profession today”.
  • A research report by PMI and the federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry states that, “India needs at least five lakh qualified project managers in the near future to finish 591 projects being carried out in the country.” The industry is growing at a healthy rate of more than 20% on a year on year basis and likely to grow at even a greater pace in the near future.
B. Business Analyst Course – An Introduction
  • A business analyst works as a liaison among stakeholders in order to elicit, analyze, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies and information systems. The business analyst understands business problems and opportunities in the context of the requirements and recommends solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals." IIBA BABOK.
  • Business Analyst role in an organization is started to grow rapidly. According to some recent online articles appearing in Forrester,, Yahoo and others, corporate demand for the Business Analyst role is set to grow in the near future. More organizations, particularly senior executives and CIOs, are increasingly discovering the value business analysts can bring to strategic enterprise initiatives.
*What is the Market Size?
  • The exact market size for this training could not be ascertained as there is no authenticated report available, but it can run to several crores of rupees per annum.
*What is the Growth Potential?
  • Though there are quite a few workshops conducted here and there and a handful of training organizations offering Business Analyst Course, BA training course is just beginning to blossom. Lots and lots of corporates have started hiring Business Analyst Professionals with the starting salary of 50,000/- to 80,000/-based on the work experience - in an era of Cost Constraints, Market Turbulence, Organizational Stress, cost overrun… etc.,.
  • Business Analyst not only gains an extra edge in terms of enhanced skills, job prospects and career growth, but also a remarkable hike in salary and other packages.
  • Business Analyst training is an emerging business, which is set to grow at a very rapid pace, as there is a huge demand for BA professionals across industries, businesses and organistions. This course along with Project Management Course will be the much sought after professions in the 21st century
C. Leadership Training Program

At many Indian companies, the development of top management has lagged behind the pursuit of technical excellence.

According to a report from Booz & Company, historically, Indian business leaders have focused on developing technology rather than people. As a senior manager at a large Indian conglomerate put it, “We have quality technical experts, but can’t convert them into business leaders.”

Indian companies have prioritized achieving technical excellence, hiring engineers who’ve been trained to pursue innovation—but not to manage people and lead organizations. Evidence of this dynamic can be found in practices prevalent throughout Indian companies.

*What is the Market Size?
  • The exact market size for this training could not be ascertained, as there is no authenticated report available But it can run to several crores of rupees per annum.
*What is the Growth Potential?
  • As we could infer from the exhibit shown below, there will be a huge supply-demand gap of quality leaders in the future, which will throw lot of potential for Leadership training.
  • A lack of succession planning: Rapidly growing industries, such as those driven by the rise of digital media, often rely on relatively young and inexperienced managers to take on senior positions. By and large, these individuals have not yet developed a leader’s perspective. For example, the telecom boom over the past decade has led to a flurry of flourishing mobile phone brands in India. But each of these firms has had to draw upon the company’s existing pool of players to build its senior team. The growth of that talent pool has not kept pace with those of the brands.
  • The Project Management students and Business Analyst students should study this course to equip themselves better and perform their job in an effective manner. It is needless to say that others will always be trying to catch you up.
*What are the advantages for Franchisees?
  • The Franchisees are going to be part of a recession proof business
  • The franchisees are going to be part of a fast growing brand
  • The courses under this category, generate lots of job opportunities for the students.
  • The courses, especially Project Management & Business Analyst are going to be the Podium Winners of the training industry in the near future
  • The combination of the courses we offer, coupled with the attractive Revenue sharing pattern, makes this a first of its kind Franchise and a Real Revenue Spinner for the franchisee partners.
  • Advertisement, promotional activities and other brand building initiatives will be carried out on a regular basis.
  • Up gradation* to our future franchise models, on account of new courses launch will be considered.
*What is the Investment required?
  • INR - 8 to 10 LACS (for new setup)
  • INR - 4 to 5 LACS (for Plug & Play setup)
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