• Activities - Definition, Sequencing and Estimating Duration
  • Calendars - Defining Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Calendars
  • Effective Usage Of Four Types Of Relationship
  • Scheduling the Project
  • Defining Constraints and Overcoming Conflicts
  • Defining and Assigning Activity Codes
  • Defining and Assigning Work Breakdown Structure Codes
  • Organising Activities By Using Activity Codes and WBS Codes
  • Re Organising Activities
  • Filtering Activities
  • Defining Project Codes
  • Preparing Resource Information
  • Applying Resource to Each Activity
  • Delaying
  • Estimating the Cost Of the Project and Creating Cost Account Numbers
  • Analysing the Resources by using Resource Profile and Resource Table
  • Resource Levelling & Resource Optimising using Crashing, Stretching &Splitting
  • Preparing a Master Project and Scheduling Multiple Projects
  • Updating the Project Progress & Comparing the Actual Progress With the baseline
  • Preparing Different Types of Reports according to the Industrial Needs
  • Analysing Earned Value Management
  • Preparing “S” Curve
  • Highlighting the Progress in the Bar Chart
  • Application of Global Change
  • Cost Account Category
  • Import from Excel
  • Export to Excel

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